Higher Grounds. films (HGS) is a true hybrid film company. Cinematic video content is delivered to a global audience almost instantly.

To reach this goal, HGS performs many tasks seamlessly within the scope of the clients project. That's why HGS is a 'hybrid' film company. Great cinematic production values meet with tight deadlines and truely creative input. Together with HGS , clients fulfill their content production goals in a straight line. HGS performs these projects independently, or with the assistance of an extensive network of highly skilled video and cinema professionals. 

 Now let the power of the moving image do the talking, and have a look at the latest projects in the 'work' section. These are clients that have worked with HGS in the past:

Fuse business, BM creations, ID&T, 3FM, omroep Brabant, Zonnatura, Skinvision, Diversity Communications, ING, Displayed and many more.

HGS produces high quality video and cinematic images since 2008. Check the 'contact' page to connect and say hello. Let HGS take you and your project to higher places, while at the same time staying firmly grounded.

kind regards,

  Jaap Verhappen  

      creative producer  //  HIGHER GROUNDS. films


 HIGHER GROUNDS. films is located in the Plan-B office building , Hurksestraat 19-B , Eindhoven